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Burlesque Map London 4 - The Complete & Utter Cabaret Lifestyle Guide…

PictureRama Publishing has launched edition 4 of Burlesque Map London, the leading map of the burlesque and cabaret scene.

With YOU in mind, Burlesque Map London have compiled a pocket size, easy to use guide to the world of burlesque, cabaret and vintage. This one-of-a-kind publication features a street map of London and over 200 listings of the most relevant and valuable places, all checked for you.

It comprises shops, hotels, cafés, restaurants, vintage and retro fashion, hair and beauty, accessories, associations, tuition, together with burlesque shows and cabaret acts.

For the avid globetrotter or the occasional tourist, Burlesque Map London takes you on a tour of European cities with a unique list of must-see festivals. As burlesque tourism is on the increase, you can now harmonise holiday and show abroad.

Burlesque Map London is also a valued source of relevant information for producers, performers, promoters, publishers and others, creating a most comprehensive directory for key people, and key groups within the burlesque milieu.

So, don't encumber yourself with pages and pages of information, or days of internet research to find your burlesque necessaries. This ultimate accessory will guide you towards your most desired essentials or interests.

The Map is reviewed yearly, ensuring that new information is included regularly, giving the readers a continuous updated view of the burlesque and cabaret world.

Copies of Burlesque Map London can be purchased for just £4 (free postage) in the on-line shop at:

This unique publication is also available across 100s of tightly controlled distribution points including carefully selected shops, cabarets, bars, clubs and hotels across London and other national and worldwide outlets.

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Words by Eva Lamour

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